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About Innovation Pilot

The Innovation Pilot course is a 10 ECTS learning program for all engineering students from DTU's 19 fields of study.

Through the course, the students work in interdisciplinary groups with specific challenges or ideas, defined by participating companies. The companies meet two to three times at DTU during the course and have the opportunity to test and develop new ideas in collaboration with students.

During the course, companies will be joined by multidisciplinary groups of students who, through organized processes, work to solve concrete and technically based challenges in the companies.

The aim of the course is to equip the future engineers with the challenges they will face when they enter the business world, and at the same time give participating companies new engineering perspectives and solutions to their challenges.

The process ends with a Demo Day, where the students and companies meet at DTU. On Demo Day, students present their innovation presentation and prototype in response to the challenges of the collaborating companies.


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